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I’ve decided that im dreaming. BECAUSE MY A CAPPELLA GROUP VOICEBOX GOT SELECTED TO COMPETE AT SOJAM 2014!!!!Check us out on!If you’re at SoJam this year find us and say hi! Be there and #besquare!

I’ve decided that im dreaming.


Check us out on!
If you’re at SoJam this year find us and say hi!
Be there and #besquare!

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It’s been a LONG time! Actually about two years! Im going to start using my tumblr again! And first thing I actually wanna do is just share a little bit about my a cappella group (UCF’s Voicebox)! They my best friends and family right and we’re workin real hard to do something new and great!

Take a look at us on facebook below!

And if you’re interested in hearing a little bit of us, we just released one of our first videos for a competition submission! Ill post it next, and get ready for more videos! We’re recording Sam Smith’s Latch and Phillip Phillips’ Gone Gone Gone! :D

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Can we just stop and appreciate Nicki Minaj’s face for a moment. She looks genuinely very concerned for Josh here, like she thinks he was actually in an arena full of kids trying to kill him, and is confused as to why no one else finds this as shocking as she does.

What do you expect? People from the Capitol just don’t understand.



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This right here is why I love Tumblr. 

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I can’t stop laughing at Harry running the fuck awaythe boy who lived ladies and gentlemen.

….You realize, of course, that Hermione Granger lit a teacher on fire when she was eleven, and kept a person alive in a jar for a year when she was fourteen, and studies dark and forbidden magics for kicks, and is one of the brightest and strongest witches of her era. If she came at me, even wandless, I would aparate to Neptune to get away from her.

Hermione Granger also: 

  • punched Draco Malfoy in the nose for being an idiot 
  • purposefully performed a confundus charm on whatshsface WHILE HE WAS FLYING just so Ron would win (omfg that is so fucking dangerous) 
  • literally pulled a fucking Bourne Identity on her parents and managed to set them up in fucking Australia (jesus christ she literally made it so that she NEVER EXISTED wtf that’s so fucking 007)
  • Convinced the Ministry of Magic to give her an incredibly dangerous and volatile device that allowed her to ALTER TIMELINES COMPLETELY (just because she was so smart, literally, that is the reason, her “potential”) 
  • Has enough basic survival skills and badass magic to literally disappear to the middle of nowhere and flourish AND figure out Voldemort’s plot with Harry 
  • Hermione also figures out not only what Voldemort’s plan is, but generally how to beat it, WAY BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER DOES. Why? because she is just that much smarter and better at magic than everybody else

in conclusion: Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad. 

Can we rehave this series with hermione as the protagonist. 

Hermione Granger and “That Time I Used the Power of Research and Deductive Reasoning to Make Sure Harry Didn’t Die”

Hermione Granger and “That time I figured shit out and literally ended up petrified for the cause and it took my friends weeks to figure out that I had the research on me”

Hermione Granger and “That Time I Was a Time Lord”

Hermione Granger and “That Time I Realized I was Hot and Smart and Saved Harry’s Ass with Research. Again. All the Time. Really, He Would Have Died Without Me.” 

Hermione Granger and “That time Harry was too emo to actually do shit so I did shit in his name because I am the power behind the throne clearly also PS fought evil deatheaters and won”

Hermione Granger and “That Time I told Harry about the Dangers of Copying off Somebody’s else’s work that wasn’t mine and OH LOOK I WAS RIGHT”

Hermione Granger and “That Time I let Harry Decide Where to Go and What To do and we ended up wandering the forests of dean for like 5 months before saving his ass at Hogwarts” 

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imax-experience asked: Tag you're it! The rules are to state ten facts about yourself and then to send this to ten of the nicest people on tumblr.

Ten facts….
1. I am now the Co-Music Director of the Crescendudes! The only all-male a cappella group(and the first a cappella group) based at the University of Central Florida! (So proud to be a member of them!)

2. I aspire to be a composer/audio engineer in the gaming industry or the entertainment industry!

3. I have met the Pentatonix! A few times now actually, the a cappella world is a small world!

4. The Crescendudes are releasing an album soon, and Ill be singing lead on one of the tracks! Im so excited!

5. I play way more League of legends then I should.

6. Like seriously. WAY TOO MUCH league of legends.

7. My life has been reduced to a cappella and league of legends.

8. Oh. And Im a music major at the University of Central Florida!

9. I love to arrange! Im particular fond of arranging mashups. But Im not too fond of mash-ups that are made simply because two songs sound kind of similar. There needs to be a reason why you mash-up two songs! My latest arrangement happens to be Hopeless Wanderer(Mumford and Sons) mashed with A-Team(Ed Sheeran)

10. My current arrangement(that im working on) is possibly an Owl City song and a Mika song. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. ;)